21.2 Sunday Style Picks - Beauty Edit.

This weeks Style Picks are slight (okay heavily) skewed towards beauty products and less about the clothing we love to show you. Call it a reminiscent new year resolution leftover, or my shift in focus in the ageing years of my twenties. 

The truth is; a lot of my focus this year and for at good few months towards the end of 2015 have been spent educating myself about the organic, natural beauty industry and the toxic products I've shamefully been using on my skin and body for all of my adult life. (more on that later, its far too long for beauty edit style picks.) 


KORA ORGANICS - Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm Tube

Jasmine Clarine Fashion and Style Blog- Sunday Style Beauty Edit KORA ORGANICS 

Its simple, its effective and I don't have to continually put my fingers into the same jar. I'm sure its fine; but it feels a lot like spreading germs.
Pack filled with the ever wonderful Vitamins C and E known for their antioxidant protections against free radicals environmental damage. 

THANK YOU - Botanical Geranium + Rosewood Body Wash

Jasmine Clarine Blog - Sunday Style Beauty Edit - Thank you Body Wash

As far as body washes go, the newest and most loved bathroom caddy staple comes with amazing fragrances, and essential oils leaving my skin clean without drying it out. This body wash and to be honest the reason I started using their products in the first place is their Australian Made, making a difference life blood of the company. You can even track your product purchase making a difference! check out their website thankyou.co for more details.

AESOP: Purifying Facial Exfoliating Paste 

Jasmine Clarine Blog - Sunday Style Beauty Edit - AESOP Purifying Facial Exfoliating Paste

I feel like as a grown up/adult of at least a couple of years. I should have realised at least a couple of years ago that I had an oily complexion instead of thinking that I had a combination complexion. I also wish that all of the beauticians I'd seen over the years had looked deeper into my skin instead of selling me extreme amounts of blotting papers to maintain my lunchtime extreme shine forehead. HOWEVER I DIGRESS. Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliating paste, (along with my other AESOP loves) have recently changed my life. Not only do I suffer at all from Lunchtime shine. I've also stopped breaking out - for the first time, since I was 14. I'm sorry if I'm going on about this but you need to realise just how much of a huge deal this is! Onto the product! 

I love the paste texture, its thick but not heavy, exfoliaty but gentle; and like all AESOP products; makes my skin feel and smell amazing. 

AESOP - Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque

Jasmine Clarine Blog - Sunday Style Beauty Edit - AESOP Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque

What does one say about a Masque that does so much. It smells Delicious; and my newly diagnosed oily skin absolutely loves that its deep cleansing and not moisturising. The mix of delicious smells and wonderful natural ingredients leave my skin feeling brand new after every week. The clay masque is unlike anything I've used to before. To say its been anything but amazing would be an understatement. Can I rave about AESOP any more? I'm sure I could; but I'll leave it there. 


Jasmine Clarine Blog - Sunday Style Beauty Edit - BODY SHOP AUSTRALIA Cactus Body brush

To say I'm late on the natural bristle body brush band wagon isn't completely true. I've had my share differing versions of the amazing wonder sticks known for increasing circulation and curing the ever hated cellulite. The thing I've always struggled with is turning this into part of my ongoing day in day out beauty routine. Despite the promise of miracle cures and super model legs, after I get out of the shower the first night of using them, in the mirror staring back at me are the same legs that got into the shower. Alas the next night I'd instinctively reach for my old faithful wash cloth on the hook closer than the body brush and we're back into old habits. This year however, I've stuck to it. we're 52 Days into 2016 and I can hand on my heart say I've used it at least 23 times. My legs aren't cured of sitting behind a computer cross legged drinking full fat coffees multiple times a day. But my skin is soft and in some parts even dare I say it Glowy? So if by some chance you haven't joined the band wagon on this one, or you were like me and you jumped on and off it a lot. Do yourself a favour this week and promise yourself for the next 7 days you'll scrub at least every other day. :)