DIY Stylist: Building your Capsule Wardrobe

I can feel your eyes rolling back into your head already. The amount of time I’ve been told that wearing the same thing over and over again bores my clients is amazing. Really? so you wear it once and then what happens?

The truth is, we’re all. always wearing the same clothes throughout the season.

A capsule wardrobe is simply a well planned, cohesive collection of clothes that makes you feel amazing no matter what you pull together.

A capsule wardrobe is your answer to never having a bad outfit day. 

A Capsule wardrobe takes the guess work out of your morning and makes life more simple.

When you start to look at your wardrobe with the intention of creating a capsule. You aren’t resigning yourself to wearing the same grey t-shirt and jeans every day Mark Zuckerberg style. You’re simply putting more forethought and being smarter about what you’re spending your well earned money on. 


So where do you start? 


Building your capsule wardrobe is easiest done when you understand your Style Personality, which you can check out from previous blogs here: 

Style Personality 

Your capsule wardrobe needs a plan! Are you starting from scratch? Are you going to edit your current wardrobe? If you need a bit more information on how to edit your wardrobe: Check out our post on the subject. 
DIY Style - Wardrobe Edit

If you’re crazy enough to start from scratch (seriously where did all of your old clothes go? (tell us in the comments below we'd love to know!!) 

Either way Your plan is simple. Spend the next fortnight understanding what you do every day. Write it down. If you’d prefer you can use Our favourite Schedule Tracker Template.

When you understand how you spend your time , and ultimately what clothes you need on the regular you should take note of the number of times a week you wore a particular piece of clothing. 

Do you spend all week in your favourite shorts, but own 30 skirts? Probably time to trade them in for a few more versions of your favourites. 

Stylers of the world - the entire point of a capsule wardrobe is having a constantly fresh variety of your favourite items of clothing. 


The more times a week you need/tend to wear a piece of clothing is very relative to the number of versions of these you should put into your capsule. 

For the following I assume you’re wearing clothes that aren’t your JimJams for at least 12 hours a day if your days are different - simply adjust your tally accordingly  

On a weekly basis - you will spend a minimum of 84 hours wearing your wardrobe.  (unless you wear a uniform for work in which case see above note about adjusting your tally) 

84 Hours is a very large amount of time to be wearing clothes you don't love. 

My average week: 

  • Shorts: 16 Hours 
  • Dresses: 21 Hours
  • Skirts: 14 Hours 
  • Jeans: 18 Hours 
  • Pants: 15 Hours 
  • Casual Shirts/Singlets: 24 Hours 
  • Blouse/Tops: 39 hours 

As you can see - My wardrobe contents are fairly well spread out. It speaks to my Classic Chic personality.I tend to wear dresses more often than not because I enjoy the convenience. Its also really frustrating for me to buy pants so to take the stress out of my mornings. Dresses are my Go-To. 

To work out how many pieces of clothing you need for each category.

Divide your number of hours wearing by 8. *Round up! so if you have 14 hours of Skirts, you need two. 

Then add one! 

You add one because everyone needs a little variety in their wardrobe. Not just because you don't need to be wearing the same shirt with the same skirt every week. But also because if you damage your shirt, you have a window/opportunity to get it fixed, or time to find a new one without having to buy whatever just to get by. 


Bare Minimum Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Shorts 3
  • Dresses 4
  • Skirts 3
  • Jeans 3
  • Pants 3
  • Casual Shirts 4
  • Blouse/Tops: 6

You’re looking at your Bare Minimum. I know there are a million websites/bloggers that will tell you that once you’ve created your bare minimum you’re done. Its over forever; they’re wrong. Your wardrobe is an ever evolving constantly changing living thing! Your small capsule wardrobe for summer is completely irrelevant in winter without a few extra pieces. 

Capsule Wardrobe

I don’t have a magic number that you should buy. You need to fully understand yourself, and your life to know that. The thing about a capsule wardrobe is that the longer you run one, the less clothing you’ll depend on. You’ll still have your constant go -to’s there’s nothing in the world that can stop that.

The Point of a capsule wardrobe is to make sure that everything you have in your wardrobe speaks toyou, and works with the rest of your wardrobe.