Leave home looking like you meant to every day.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had clients tell me sometimes the greatest struggle of their day is getting out the front door with matching shoes and a put together outfit. It’s not because any of these women are a hopeless hot mess. More often than not because they’re putting everyone else in front of themselves. They’re making lunches, breakfasts; walking dogs; getting housework done; pushing partners out the door so they’re not late for work again… It’s a daily struggle, and a very large reason a lot of our clients come looking for a style refresh in the first place.


When you spend so long making sure everyone else in your world is clothed, fed, walked, and happy; sometimes it’s easy to forget that you also need to be clothed, fed, walked and happy.

I can’t fix your fussy child’s decision tomorrow morning to change the rules and decide that rice bubbles are out this week, I certainly can’t make sure your husband is out of the bathroom/away from the TV with enough time to get ready without you nagging (these tips might help you with these things for him though). What I can do is help you.

The 4 simple style and wardrobe rules to always walking out the door feeling amazing.

Build on Your Basics

Wardrobe Basics

I’ve probably said this a million times in a thousand different ways; but it’s true and I’ll probably continue to tell you every other day that you can’t start a wardrobe without getting the bones right. Take the time to figure out what your wardrobe is lacking. Stock up on quality well-made clothing that not only looks great, is easy to take care of and fits you well. But also makes you feel good. The point of basics is that they’re simple yet effective. Your favourite cut of jeans and your perfect style white tee. Is just that; a non-fuss go to outfit that you know looks great, is easy to wear and you don’t have to think about it. Not sure where to start with your basics checklist... We wrote one a little while back here: Building Your Basics – 7 pieces every wardrobe needs

Order and Organisation

Wardrobe Style

Multitasking and creative chaos has no place in your wardrobe. Trust me, I live and breathe both of these things on a daily basis. I put people into clothes and build client wardrobes every day. But if my wardrobe is an unruly mess. I literally stare at it in disbelief of the inability to build an outfit or dare I say it Have anything to wear. Take the time to go through your wardrobe. Understanding what’s in there is the best and first place to start when you’re trying to figure out what to wear every day. Even if it’s a weekly Sunday night struggle to get everything back into its place. I’m promising you that your 9-5 Monday to Friday will be a thousand times easier if you’ve made your wardrobe a sanctuary for calm. How you organise it is completely up to you. My favourite is categories and colours. But there’s no uniform answer with this. Sometimes it takes clients months to decide on the best way to navigate their wardrobe designs.


Preparation = sleep

It seems so simple when you read it in a blog post. Why not just spend five minutes every night before bed getting your outfit ready for the next day.

Well for a lot of reasons. Mine being if I put my clothes out the night before I won’t have them the next day. I have two very naughty puppies who think that my favourite items of clothing are THE BEST chew toys. Also by the time I fall into bed at the end of the day I’m literally falling into bed.

Preparation for me comes down to the knowledge that my basics are pretty solid. I recycle a lot of outfits.

Sure I’d like to wear new clothes every day; I’d also like to travel endlessly; have 100 naughty puppies; and sleep well at night knowing we have a cure for cancer. Unfortunately none of these things are in my power at the moment and my favourite jeans literally go with every top in my wardrobe *see above note about building on your basics.
What I will say on preparation is understanding what you have on your calendar for the next day is imperative. Have to run a bunch of errands and attend school sports? Probably best to throw the flats into the mix because no one has time for 4 inch heels on the soccer field. Stop kidding yourself. Building on your basics and organising your wardrobe means your preparation step is easy. You know what’s in your wardrobe, you know what goes with what and most importantly you know where it is! Mornings are hard enough without running around your house hunting for your favourite little black dress.

Accessorise Your Style

Accessories Maketh the lady

The quickest, often most cost effective and simplest way to make any outfit your own is with your accessories. Have a boring work uniform that you literally HAVE to wear every day. Throw a bit of yourself into the mix with your favourite necklace or earrings. Make statements with your shoes and handbags. Or go even more low-key with a perfect manicure and signature makeup style. Often when you’re still feeling out how you want the world to see you. When you’re still feeling out what exactly your signature style is; playing different ideas through your accessories is your best bet. It also means that you perfectly built up basics will continue to look fresh for months and months because you can switch in and out different touches that change the outfit just so.