The 5 Point Perfect Outfit

What If I told you, your perfect outfit day should be an everyday occurrence. Do you instantly start to pull your blankets back over your head? Don't Fret Stylers. Nailing Your Perfect Outfit Every Single day is as simple as standing in front of your mirror in the morning and answering the following Five Questions: 

1. Does it Fit
I'm not talking about whether or not you've hit your latest 12week body transformation challenge goal. I'm asking you to be honest about how the clothes are hanging, sitting, hiding what you want it to in this very moment. Does it fit who you are, and how you see yourself today. 

2.Will it suit today's Function
Will what you're wearing suit today's function? Will it suit everything in your schedule without needing to be constantly adjusted. Fiddling with your clothes is the quickest way to detract from your overall appearance. As much as I love my Black Guaze ball gown skirt - Its not functional for most of my functions. Knowing your days functions will help you to understand your wardrobe constraints.

3.Do you feel great about the Colour.
How does the colour of your clothing make you feel. Look at your outfit, and yourself in the mirror and Smile. BAM! colours + patterns + Smiles = outfit sorted! Your best colours are the ones that make you happy.

4.Are you Balanced
I promise this isn't just a buzz word stylists have made up in recent years to scare you into buying their latest 'how to" e-book. Okay so maybe it sort of is. But the theory behind it, and the original point of Balancing your outfit was to show you as a whole silhouette instead of separate pieces of clothing. When you look at yourself in a full length mirror, if you're balanced your outfit will look as a solid continuous line. 

5.Do you see your Personality reflected back at you. 
By far, the most important question you need to ask yourself before you leave the mirror every morning. Does my outfit accurately show the world who I am in this very moment today. 

See Simple! Five questions, none of which are about your labels, size tags, style trends of fashion magazines guaranteed to help you walk a little bit taller, smile a little bit brighter and have a genuinely good day.