Making a Statement....

There's no doubt the sole purpose of your entire wardrobe is to make a statement. A statement about your personality, your social standing, how you feel about social issues if you so feel like wearing slogan t-shirts. 

But how do you make a statement thats subtle enough to work into your 9-5 attire without being so cookie cuter that you feel like you're wearing a uniform? 

Queue - The statement pant. 

Most workplaces aren't going to be Kosher with any kind of animal print; however a simple but effective Monochromatic Jacquard, or tiny hounds tooth will most definitely have you standing out from the office standard uniform crowd. 

Our Favourite Statement pants for this season are currently on sale.. Which not only makes us incredibly happy - but makes this week Work Place Style Capsule even more fun. 

The Basic Rules: Clash your patterns with confidence. Solid Colour Tops will always work. Muted Colours will tone down your statement if you work in a more conservative office.