DIY Stylist - Style Personality

I’m not just throwing Buzz words around I promise. We talk about Your Style Personality a lot and how it relates to your wardrobe, personal appearance, your style personality is a brand spectrum whole package. When you’re working with a stylist- it gives us a starting point. In my 8 years, I’m yet to find two people with the same style personality who use it in the same way as the other. 

Below is a albeit brief, snapshot of the style personality profiles we use. Some of you may be part of one, and some of another. Its utterly impossible to put anyone’s personal style into a cute little box. 

Imagine how boring the world would be if there were only 6 Types of style groups. I’m falling asleep just thinking about it.

Read through the below snap shots! Let us know in the comments below which one/s you fall into! 


Classics are all about Chic Simplicity. 
You’re confident, organised and professional. 
Classy and Elegant are you go to Pinterest Style Searches. 
You’re most comfortable in a suit at work. Weekends you’re all about your casual trousers and blazers in Neutral colours.
Nothing too tight, or too loose. Everything is tailored to fit you just right. 
Classic shoes are elegant and understated. Moderate to high heels with skirts and dresses are your signature style. 


Marc Jacobs, Wayne Cooper, Perri Cutten. 

Celebrity Style Icon

Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly  



Relaxed stylers, are just that. You like to be able to get up and go with no fuss. You’re generally easy going and very approachable in your day to day life. And while you prefer the less is more approach to your wardrobe you’re definitely not lazy, or a slob. 
Your go to colours are pulled straight from nature, reds, greens and earthy colours are where you’re most comfortable. 
As your profile suggests, the fit of your clothes allow you room to move. You will generally prefer a lot of layers so that you can easily remove them than freeze on your way to work in the name of fashion.
You will be the women wearing her runners to work and then slipping into a pair of low side pumps, or leaving your runners on. You will love sports shoes, lace up shoes and hiking boots. You wear shoes for their fit and functionality.  


Ralph Lauren, Country Road, Just Jeans

Celebrity Style Icon 

Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis  



Outgoing, Bold, Stunning, Daring, Sophisticated. Standing out from the crowd is what you do best. 
Suits at work that are firm fitting, and cut short and sharp. 
When you’re outside the office you like to experiment and love grabbing the show stoppers straight off the runway and making it work in your everyday. 
Bold colours of Black whites reds and cobalt blue make your personality pop. 
Your hair and make up is perfect and just as important as every other aspect of your outfits. 
Towering Stilettos, Sharp pointed toes, high gloss patent leather and knee high boots all feature greatly in your wardrobe.


Sass & Bide, Versace, Black Milk 

Celebrity Style Icon 

Emily Ratajkoski. Katy Perry 



Quirky Imaginative, unique and unconventional
If the colours clash, you’re in your element. More into Vintage clothing or high end designer than you are looking for quick fashion trends. 
it’s Unlikely you have a corporate office job that requires you to conform to the everyday 9-5 uniform that so many others are bound by. 
You love creative colours, patterns and most things just a little left field. 
Retro or Latest Fashion, your shoes are more likely to be unusual. As long it looks interesting with your outfit you will wear it. There are no rules for our Creatives. 


Alannah Hill, Cavalli, Missoni 

Celebrity Style Icon

Lady Gaga, Iris Apfel 



Your inner wild child has been set free. Your I don’t care what you think of me attitude is your key feature and you were it with pride.
Like your creative sisters, you wont much like the corporate world. Leather Jackets, Band T’s and High waisted Skinny Rocker jeans are more suited to your entrepreneurialspirit. Your outfits will often be talking points at the party.
Your style is as individual as you are. Bold Colours, plaid, and fabric finishes like acid wash and tears feature heavily in your closet, thats more likely a chair in your room and not a conventional cupboard. 
Doc Martins, Boots of every description and clothing labels that are virtually unknown fill your wardrobe. 


Wheels & Doll Baby, Sass n Bide, Vintage Biker Stores. 

Celebrity Style Icon 

Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus  



Warm , approachable, soft, delicate and caring. 
You will often be mistaken for not being ambitious. Your style is romantic, and traditionally feminine. 
Curved lines, ruffles and muted colours. Your style is polished and always perfect of the occasion. 
You thrive in fluid fabrics like silk and fine cottons. Soft wools and cardigans will make up most of your winter wardrobe. 
Florals in springtime. 
You will have a variety of styles from Flat ballet slipper styles to medium/high court shoes. Colours and styles to match every outfit. Nothing too shiny or chunky 


Review, David Lawrence, Colette Dinagan, 

Celebrity Style Icon 

Zoe Deschanel, Lauren Conrad  


Elegant Chic 

Elegant and Stylish, you’re wardrobe is perfectly organised with feminine and classic pieces that work together seamlessly.
Your clothes have a softly tailored finish. Clean lines, and beautiful finishes matter to you. Every aspect of your outfit will flow. 
Your colours are traditional but often on the lighter end of the palette with bold colour accents. Camel, cream and browns are favoured with Navy being chosen over black in many instances.
Ballet Flats, Court Shoes from upscale Boutiques. Metal Decoration. 


Armani,Carla Zampatti, Prada,

Celebrity Style Icon 

Natalie Portman, Miranda kerr