The Minimalist Adventure

Hi Stylers!

I've recently started digging further into the Minimalist lifestyle. 

Ridiculous right - I literally spend my day organising wardrobes, and shopping with and for people. But bare with me on this one - I promise I haven't joined a cult. 
The Minimalist lifestyle has drawn me to it because for me, it's about being present.
Being less about your things and more about your involvement in the world and the things you experience. 

I don't begin to pretend that I've become anything other than a novice Minimalist adventurer and i definitely don't have a favourite minimalist. I've spent the last five years learning to become more self aware, and this honestly just seems like the next step for me. 

The very few people I've spoken too about this new adventure have asked how my work falls within this new realm of life. And its simple. The basis of Jasmine Clarine Style is about helping you create a wardrobe that works with your wardrobe. All of my clients will tell you that I refuse to let them buy things Just because. Being a minimalist in a Stylist role for me seems to fit so perfectly. Capsule wardrobes are made for Minimalists! 

I've been reading a lot of books, I've been listening to a lot of pod casts and its become somewhat of an obsession. Decluttering my house and removing relationships from my life that aren't healthy or provide a happy environment for my life is something that I've been working on for months. 

Through everything I've learnt a lot of changes within the business have also started to come into fruition. I'm going to start posting a lot more regularly because I have more time now! 

My favourite thing about this new journey is the opportunity to say no. Saying no isn't something I've been great at throughout my life, not only in business, but in my personal life. My own personal style is constantly evolving and the minimalist lifestyle is helping me fine tune my craft that is creating a wardrobe for everyone of my clients in ways that I've not had the opportunity to do before. 

There will be more posts in the future about this journey I'm on! Yes I said it - we've gotten to the journey part of our rant tonight! 

There will also be more posts about building your personal style and our amazing clients. Purely because WE HAVE MORE TIME! More time to be ourselves is the greatest gift you can ever imagine. 

I'll leave you tonight with few simple links if you're interested in what being a minimalist is. 

My Favourite book: this is literally the reason I've started to dig deeper into this way of life. 


My Favourite Podcast: The Simple Luxurious Life (iTunes or google will get you where you need to hear this. 

I will leave you with a final thought for tonight.

Much like that dusty pink cardigan from 2015, re-evaluate what you're spending most of your time on today.