The thing About Style Is....

Being In Style is Forever. 

You've heard it a thousand times, seen the pictures on a million other memes but do you really understand what Style is Forever means? 

It certainly doesn't mean you are encouraged to wear one dress you bought 30 years ago that made you feel awesome for the rest of your life. But it does mean you get to be who you really are and who you want the world to see for the rest of your life.

The thing about style is that its probably one of the most personal expressions we have. Its certainly has the most impact. How we walk, how we stand, what you do with your hands and what you're wearing makes more impact and builds more relationships than what you say and how you say it every time. 

For those of you who love facts and statistics (who doesn't love stats) research suggests our First Impression is made of up using the following:

What we say:                         7%

How we Sound:                     38% 

The way we dress and act:    55%

When how we look doesn't correspond and compliment how we feel what we say and how we sound won't work either. Making your audience sceptical and most likely to distrust your information.

If you think about your style as an extension of your personality reflective of your inner thoughts and the things you value most :

1. Status, 2. Modesty, 3. Aesthetic, 4. Theoretical, 5. Conceptual, 6. Social, 7. Exploratory, 
8. Sensory, 9. Economic, 10. Influential

When you align these values with your wardrobe, and the way you present yourself you'll send the right message. You ability to communicate improves and the ideas you have will align with the impression people have of you. 

The thing about style is there isn't a blanket right answer for anyone. The thing about style is you need to understand who you are and how you want to be perceived in the world to truly make a statement.