The Month That Was - Relocations! Dark Hair! New Clients!

Can I just start this Months post with a OH MY GOSH what a month. Honestly - in October we've moved to the gold coast, gone dark with our strands, and of course my favourite, we've started seeing new clients!  

Gold Coast View

Oh I renewed my first aid course as well along the way. Safety first! (But really we're not going anywhere near snakes when we go shopping together so Don't worry - I almost certainly won't need these skills on your styling appointments.I can't even remember a time in my life where I've been this tired all of the time. Fret not Stylers because for all intent and purpose we're back to business full time from here on out! 

Moving to the Gold Coast has been about 12 months in the making to be honest. It's one of those things, where lifestyle/work life balance becomes more important. And while I'm 28 years young I feel like we've made the right move. It's been a long hard 10 years of full time employment/running the business and studying so for the next 12 months at least we're making it our mission to ensure we're enjoying our life as much as we're enjoying our work! (I'm getting used to the world balance, it might pop up from time to time. I have a habit of trending/fad words. I apologise in advance! 

Jasmine Clarine

My hair is dark again! Can you keep up? My family who all live scattered across the country can't so you'd be forgiven in asking if it wasn't already! I find a fresh hair colour is the best solution to any bad day. Which is exactly what the doctor ordered. (I find that New shoes can also be supplemented) 


Amongst all of the drama that comes with moving into new homes, and leaving old homes, and dying your hair dark colours - we've also started working with some beautiful clients here on the Gold Coast.

I'm very excited about how we can use our new home to expand the Jasmine Clarine family. I'm also very excited about continuing to work with the beautiful wonderful and understanding Clarine Family we've built in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast over the years. We're definitely still very available for our clients no matter where you're located, and as always! There's no travel charge - because we think its amazing that you want to work with us, and we'd rather you spend that little bit extra on feeling incredible in your new wardrobe. 

We hope you've had an amazing October. As always if you have any style questions, or you want to make an appointment for our Styling services. We're always available via email and phone.