DIY Stylist: Edit Your Wardrobe

Nothing to Wear

We all have those moments when you wake up look at your over stuffed wardrobe and scream “i have nothing to wear!” 

Lets be real for just one second - of course you have things to wear! You didn't spend hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on imaginary clothes. Its just at this moment, while looking at your mismatch uncoordinated wardrobe nothing in your wardrobe feels like you. 

The ultimate goal of your wardrobe should give you the power to wake up every morning and absolutely love everything about how you look and feel.

When you set about editing your wardrobe - it helps if you’ve got an end game in mind. When we talk about end games. we’re talking about what you want your future wardrobe to look like. How you want it to make you feel. 

Throwing out a bunch of clothes on its own - will make you feel amazing. It’s always a great way to detox your home of unwanted/over collected things that we generally associate a lot of our possessions with emotions. 

Do you understand your Style Personality? Do you know what image you want to portray when you step out every morning to tackle the day? 

If you’ve never heard of Your Style Personality - you can pop over here  to a post we’ve done on this previously. 

So! onto the real reason of today’s post. Killing your “i have nothing to wear” morning drama once and for all. 

Our favourite way to edit is to find a quiet Saturday. Make yourself a cup of peppermint tea and get ready for what will probably be a very therapeutic day. 

Step 1. Do all of your washing.

It seems simple but theres no point in doing a wardrobe edit if you’re not looking at a complete wardrobe. So get your laundry done. 

Step 2. Empty the wardrobe. 

There are a few ways to do this - my favourite is to pull everything out of your wardrobe. Take it off the coat hanger, out of your draws. That weird bag you have in the top of the cupboard filled with scarves after that one winter you thought your “thing” would be scarves. Everything. Including your underwear. 

Step 3. Sort! 

You have two piles ONLY two. 

  1. Keep 
  2. Donate

You’re going to pick up every piece of clothing and decide on the spot if you want it, or if you should donate it, If the item in question needs some mending, pop it in the keep pile. We’ll sort it out later in the process. 

Step 4. Sort Again! 

Everything in your Donate pile. Using the same method of picking up every single item of clothing. Decide if the piece of clothing in question can be used by someone else. If it can - immediately put it into a bag which will be taking to your closest donation spot this weekend. 

If your clothes in your donate pile aren’t suitable for others to use: put them immediately into a separate bag. These items can also be donated to your local charity collection. They will sell them as rags generally to local business. The reason you seperate them now - is so that someone later down the line wont have too. 

As my Grandmother always said “waste not want not”. 

Step 5. Discard them! 

Put your Donate, and Discard bags in another room. Put them in the car. What ever you do - remove them from your sorting room. You must take action on these bags in the next 24 hours. I know you’ve read a thousand posts that tell you to put them in the cupboard. and keep them for 90 days but thats purely ridiculous. Keeping them in front of you will guilt you into putting them back in your wardrobe. You don't need them. There is absolutely nothing wrong wth removing things from your life that are no longer serving your person. If you're looking for your closest donation bin, pick up point a few of our favourites are here: 

**insert charity collection points here**

Step 6. Sort Again! Again 

Moving onto your keep pile. Picking up every piece of clothing and sorting it into its own pile. Skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses, shorts with shorts. You get the picture. 

The only exception to this - is if you have any clothing that needs mending. Put this in a seperate pile. You’re going to take these to your local dress maker in the next week to get them fixed. 

The reason you sort your clothes into their pile before putting them back into your wardrobe is that when you can see your wardrobe as a big picture, its likely that you will remove the last few things that aren’t required. You’ll see that having 15 skirts that you love means that you don't need the 16th that you kind of wore this one time but it was a present. 

Anything you’ve identified during the step 6 sorting stage as something that should be discarded. Add it into the Donate, or Discard bags in the other room. Or add them into their own bag. Then remove it from the sorting room immediately. 

Step 7. Put it Away! 

Wardrobe Organisation

So you’ve completely cleaned out your wardrobe. You have a shell of a closet thats currently waiting for all of your newly organised clothes. Get To it!

Put everything you’regoing to keep back into its place in the wardrobe. If you haven’t really got a place for everything - maybe its time to think about a wardrobe Organisation plan. We have one over here if you need it. ***Insert wardrobe organisation Plan template here***

Final Note:

Some quick questions to ask yourself when you’re going through the sorting processes.

  1. Does it fit. Right now - in this moment.
  2. Do i like how it looks on me. 
  • In both instances you should try it on if you’re not sure either way.
  • Do not keep clothes that don't fit. In either instance (too big too small) you need to remove them from your closet. Skinny jeans - are probably the reason you don't fit into your skinny jeans. 

And You're Done! Happy Sorting Stylers!! 

We'd love to hear from you if you've used our DIY Stylist: Edit your wardrobe steps to help you create a fantastic, organised, and totally you wardrobe! Leave a note in the comments below.