Q. Why Do I need an Image Consultant?

A: Our clients use our services for many reasons. Some want a fresh start because they've recently completely transformed their body either with the amazing process of starting a family, or because they made a decision for a healthier life and now aren't sure how to dress their changed body shape. Others have realised they need to make a change in order to be promoted in their career,  maybe they've always hated fashion - the thought of shopping makes the hair on their arms stand up in disgust. One thing all of our clients have in common is that they want to be a better version of themselves. 

Q: I'm not interested in being a clone. Won't using an image consultant mean I'll look like everyone else? 

A: Absolutely not. We get this question a lot actually. Our entire purpose is to help and guide our clients to find themselves. Not slightly different versions of us. 
We are all individuals and we love that our clients can become comfortable in their own skin. We work with you to find what you love and what you don't. Just because a style of dress looks good on your body shape doesn't mean you have to wear it. If a colour you love isn't great for your complexion -  we wont refuse you permission to buy the garment, we'll work with you to help you find a solution to work it into your wardrobe. Your Image, Your First Impression. 

Q: Are you affiliated with any stores?

A: No. We aren't affiliated with any shopping centres, department stores or labels. 
To give our clients the best service we believe staying impartial to this type of affiliation works best for us. 
We want you to buy clothes because of how you look and feel in them. Not because we earn any kind of commission off them. 
We put in a lot of the ground work sourcing suitable stores for your appointment before any personal shopping consultation,  and on occasion stores offer us kickbacks, or commission. In every instance we ask the stores to put this towards a discount to your purchases. 

Q: How do you work out your fees? The cost of an image consultant appears to be quite steep. 

A: Depending on the services you require our fees can add up. Especially when we are seeing you for two or three consultations with our complete image transformation package. 

Our fees are made up of an hourly charge for the hours we will be working on your account. While we might spend 10 hours with you in person - there is considerable pre and post work that goes into your consultations and transformations. generally for every hour we spend with our clients; we've done at least 2 hours behind the scenes to make your consultation as beneficial as possible. While our fees are non-negotiable we are happy to provide a break down on your tax invoice of our activities on your account

Q: Do You offer Credit for clients?

A: For our Complete Image Transformation clients, we offer a "pay as you go" method for your consultation costs. There are no additional fees included in this option just talk to your image consultation during your initial consultation to sign up. 
We do not offer credit for personal shopping appointments. We are happy for you to bring along any and all gift cards, store cards. However all purchases must be paid for in full by the clients. 


Q: Where are the appointments held?

A: The nature of what we do is quite a personal process. We understand that our clients are most comfortable in the comfort of their own homes. For this reason the majority of our consultations are held in our clients homes. 
There are no fees associated with travel.